A woman of diversity and astonishing integrity, began this company back in 1997 with less than $2000 in her pocket with only 2 others beginning with her. Her daughter Gina Derry and her son Mark Derry. Sheer will power and the incredible sense of business this team built what the world now knows as Cowboy USA LLC.

Engaging in all aspects of freight needs she and her team worked together to build this company from merely 1 box truck, to an incredible fleet that is seen all over the region and still ever expanding, with the extension reaching out now to multiple states. Although if you were to stop and ask what truly made this company what it is today? It is a simple statement and thought that is still shown today.

Family and Love

“A family that plays together, prays together, stays together”.

Come see how this company is ever growing, and allow them to support all your freight needs!